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November 4-7, 2018
Tempe, Arizona

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Strengthen your business and hone your craft through breakout sessions and educational photo shoots.


Gain new perspective and clarity to fall in love with your business all over again.


Connect with industry leaders and like-minded creatives in an encouraging and intimate environment.


Alicia Larkey

“It was such a great experience, especially for people who know no one in the industry. It made us feel more confident that we belonged and weren't so alone.”

Ashley Yantes

“Loved how close this group is! We met so many new people and made some great new friends!!”

Moriah Riona

“I had such a great time. I was worried about not knowing anyone but made so many friends by the time I was done. Showit and Showit United have such a warm, friendly and supportive culture.”

Why United?


Amy and Jordan Demos are professional photographers and educators who help people take better photos, build a business they’re proud of and change their life. They started as elementary school teachers who didn’t know anything about photography, but turned their passion into one of the most successful photography businesses in America’s fifth largest city. They’ve photographed a million dollar wedding, had their work featured in People and were recognized by Rangefinder as a “Top 10” educator. But if you ask them, they’d tell you that achieving their own dreams doesn’t come close to helping other photographers reach theirs.

Amy & Jordan

Hello, I'm Katelyn James. My husband, Michael and I are a wedding photography team based in Richmond, Virginia. Though we primarily shoot in Virginia and along the East Coast, we also LOVE to travel. We are high school sweethearts and incurable extroverts who love long Sunday drives in the country, having gelato and trying new restaraunts. New current obsession: our sweet daughter Everly James! 

Katelyn James

Terri is a Virginia-based international wedding photographer whose style is authentic, romantic and fun. Terri genuinely approaches each client relationship seeking to understand their uniqueness and their love story. Terri connects with couples who value their authenticity yet trusts her creative process. Like many photographers, Terri started her photography business she was working full time. Terri has maintained a full-time job while effectively growing her business primarily though referrals. Terri has been fortunate enough to share experiences at the WeSpeak Conference, Black Bride Bridal Brunch, The Bridal Space Podcasts, and past United conferences.

Terri Baskin

In 2006 I started a photography business without money, without experience and without a camera (no, really, without a camera). In 2009 was named Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World. Over the years, I continued to garner awards (Top 10 Most Influential Photographer and Top 10 Most Socially Influential Photographer, amongst others), but I realized that while my artisanship established my business, my brand is what made it thrive. In 2010 I began consulting creatives on how to build their brands and saw their businesses radically transform in a short amount of time. I soon realized that my life was destined to empower entrepreneurs to create profitable businesses while pursuing what they love. And I can't wait to join your journey and find ways I can help.

Jasmine Star

Jen Olmstead and Jeff Shipley are longtime custom brand + website designers and the creative team behind TONIC SITE SHOP : a collection of cocktail-inspired, completely customizable websites for the modern, stylish creative. They're design soulmates and best friends who run a bi-coastal business (Virginia and Seattle, respectively) and share a love of hospitality, industrial design, good branding, witty banter, and, of course, a great cocktail.

Jen Olmstead & Jeff Shipley

Natalie Franke Hayes is a photographer, educator, speaker, and Founder of the Rising Tide Society. She is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Visual Studies and a concentration in Visual Neuroscience and the Psychology of Seeing. Natalie lives in San Francisco, California with her high school sweetheart and serves as the Head of Community for HoneyBook.

Natalie Franke

Ben Hartley is a dynamic photographer inspiring educator, and modern influencer. Ben has three core beliefs: 1. people are always more important 2. success starts with self-worth. 3. You must never stop thrashing. Ben is founder of Style and Story Creative, his wedding photography studio based in Columbus, OH where he photographs weddings with his two other full-time photographers. Ben is the host of the weekly Six Figure Photography Podcast to help inspire, empower & challenge photographers towards creating a life of abundance in joy, meaning & profits.  

Ben Hartley

Hi friends! We are James & Jess! Husband & wife photographers, adventures, educators, cocktail enthusiasts, and best friends. We travel the globe photographing couples who are madly in love and educating amazing creatives like yourself and we never ever stop laughing!

James & Jess

Chip is an serial entrepreneur with a passion for all things technology and media. He is the founder and lead cinematographer of Chip Dizárd Weddings, a wedding photography & videography firm that captures couples’ love stories internationally. He specializes in Facebook marketing, Facebook/Instagram Ads for wedding professionals, and now 75% of his business comes from his online marketing efforts. When he’s not working, shooting or teaching he loves going to movies, and analyzing the shots. He also enjoys playing golf, and of course, spending time with his three daughters who are learning to be creatives in their own right.


Chad is a dreamer, an artist who is located in Central Ohio, but loves to travel often pursuing his art and eduction. He strives to deliver a client experience that is second to none by allowing his clients to capture and enjoy the relationships and people they love the most thru permanent heirlooms and wall art. He is a husband and a dad who can generally be found spending time reading, building things or finding ways to re-purpose old treasures into new and modern jewels. His easy going personality is his key to taking relaxed and natural portraits that truly reflect his clients and their lives.

Chad Diblasio

Makayla Jade Harris and her husband Dave are the founders of The Harris Company, a photo + cinema studio based in Saratoga Springs, NY offering an elevated full-service experience to couples and entrepreneurs seeking unique story-telling imagery and brand films. With backgrounds in business consulting and finance, they built a client-centered multi-six figure studio in less than 4 years and now help other creative entrepreneurs grow their business and transform their lives. Their business drive is rooted in their deep love for traveling and spending time with their 2 crazy kiddos. 

Makayla Jade Harris

Opposites in almost every way, Amber & Tina bonded over their love for community, and eating breakfast in the middle of the day. Out of their lunchtime pancake feasts grew a community of 250 women photographers in their hometown of Tucson, Arizona, fostering not only friendships but careers. Amber is a mom of four, and when she isn’t writing or photographing weddings with her husband, her hobbies include eating brunch, reading and vacuuming dog hair. So much dog hair. Tina is a midwestern girl, calling the desert home, along with her husband, daughter (and son arriving in September!) Aside from photographing weddings, she can be found hosting regular dinner parties for her friends, shopping for the best possible deal, and using her label maker. On everything. 

Amber Lea Russell & Tina Kraemer

Abbey is the Founder and Chief Strategist with Seven Summers Creative. The 7S focus is "better at business. better at life". At Seven Summers Creative, we are dedicated to helping you figure out how to be your best self so you can build the best marriage, raise the best kids, build the best business, and ultimately live your best life. And we don’t just want to help you figure it out, we want to help you thrive at it in a way that gives you time in your life to enjoy it. We believe above all #firstcomestime. Time is the most valuable thing we can spend, so we want to make sure you spend it wisely.

Abbey Kyhl

Elle Danielle is an attorney-turned wedding and lifestyle photographer who has been capturing and sharing stories of love for nearly 10 years. She uses her legal expertise and industry experience to help others grow brands that thrive. Her teaching experience includes Creative at Heart, Justin and Mary Present: The Event, and the Reset Conference. When she’s not working, she loves to brunch, binge-watch her favorite TV shows, and spend time with her husband and their adorable 10-year old son. 

Elle Danielle

Devin & Kathryn are Wedding & Portrait Photographers located in Charlotte North Carolina. They dropped down from 40 weddings a year to now shooting 15 weddings a year around the world and run an exclusive and sought after brand that charges a premium. They have won Fearless awards & Junebug Best of the Best awards as well as nominated for Rangefinders Rising Top 30 Wedding Photographers in the world! They have a strong passion for providing a transformational client experience that leads to creating amazing art and generating In person sales! They also run a podcast and Youtube Channel and run an educational brand! 

Devin & Kathryn robinson

Bio coming soon.

Sarh Love

Julie is a wife, mom, photographer, and mentor. Known for her use of light and her connections with her clients, Julie has traveled the world, shooting weddings and teaching workshops. Julie is an award-winning photographer and has been recognized in the industry by being voted in the "Top 100 Wedding Photographers in the US" and has been published on every major wedding blog and numerous print publications, both nationally and internationally. Julie is a lover of Anthro, thinks cupcakes are in a food group of their own, and hugs everyone, so consider yourself warned.

Julie Paisley

Laylee Emadi is a photographer and educator with a heart for serving clients and fellow creatives. She believes in people over profit—always. Since she started her business, Laylee has served the creative industry with heartfelt encouragement, honest advice, and a shared pursuit of the ever-elusive "balance." She can usually be found with a cup of coffee in hand (it's only her fourth mug today), and a cat in her lap... but her bags are always packed for the next travel destination!

Laylee Emadi Smith

Raelene Schulmeister is a Canadian wedding photographer located in a teeny tiny town of 800 people. She’s built her business from the ground up with a passion for serving fun-loving and adventurous couples and educating other community minded entrepreneurs!

Raelene Schulmeister

Brenden Boggs is a portrait photographer who specializes in newborn photography. She lives in California with her husband, and her cat Martha Washington. She has a degree in graphic design, photography and marketing and studied to be a professional fashion retoucher. Between photo shoots and edits, she enjoys scented candles, coffee, gummy bears, and more coffee.

Brenden Boggs

With an engineering and business degree and 7+ years in marketing, Petronella Lugemwa brings an analytical yet creative flair to how she photographs and runs her business Petronella Photography. Based out of the New York area, Petronella Photography is an international wedding and marriage proposal photography studio that specializes in helping multicultural couples celebrate their love in a modern way. Because Petronella was born in Uganda, grew up in Zimbabwe and moved to Birmingham, Alabama when she was 10 and has since then traveled and lived around the world, she has a passion for experiencing and sharing multicultural love stories.

Petronella Lugemwa

Davey & Krista are brand strategists and designers who specialize in helping businesses create brands and websites that are beautiful, compelling, and encourage action. After building a successful photography business and launching one of the largest communities for creatives in the world, Davey and Krista decided to make helping creatives run better businesses their full time gig. They believe in chasing hard after an intentional life—one that includes fulfilling work, palm trees and blue skies, time with the pups, and—of course—wine and pizza.

Davey & Krista Jones

Based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Caroline Logan built her business somewhere between algebra tests and homework assignments, photographing her first solo wedding at age fourteen (just weeks after getting her braces off) with nothing to show for herself other than passion. Today, eight years later, she’s still so grateful to have found her passion and career all rolled into one and is known as an industry educator, believer, and Chipotle addict. She’s passionate about teaching because she wants to see other photographers succeed, jumpstart their journeys, and find life & deep purpose in the work they’re doing.

Caroline Logan

Kelly​ Zugay​ and Andra ​Barkey are ​designers, educators, encouragers, and co-founders of With Grace and Gold™ a Minneapolis-based creative studio dedicated to building welcoming online homes for creative women in business — just like you! With faith, friendship, and family at the core of all ​they do, ​Kelly and Andra are honored to have served hundreds of creative women in business wholeheartedly, creating a lasting legacy of service to ​their clients, to ​their family, and to ​their community. ​Their story began in a coffee shop — and ​they'd ​be honored to tell your story.

Kelly Zugay & Andra Barkey

Ryan Reed is a Phoenix based wedding photographer with 10 years of experience chasing brides with a camera and squealing into school parking lots a few minutes late. She has built a successful business while wrestling with the complex priorities that face all parent-entrepreneurs. What she can’t do on the dance floor, she hopes to do as a mentor and educator: serving and inspiring people to be successful in all aspects their lives.

Ryan Reed

You can find Suzy at a local coffee shop drooling over travel blogs and dreaming about her next adventure. She's a big fan of community over competition, mentoring photographers, and leading one of her local Tuesdays Together meetups. Suzy focuses her creative energy on photographing weddings and boudoir for the free spirit, while also pursuing a few passion projects. 

Suzy Goodrick

Montana is a successful photographer who currently resides in Santa Barbara, California. He collects fun socks and cat pictures, and could eat pancakes every day, even though his wife and daughter are sick of them.He creates incredible images for his couples to remember their love for one another, in spite of hard and challenging times. He loves life and that is reflected in his photography.

Montana Dennis

Phillip and Eileen Blume are internationally award-winning photographers and socially conscious creatives who believe in the power of visual media to change the world. They have expanded their wedding brand to clients worldwide and run a successful small-town studio. They are also the founders of the ComeUnity Workshop, a retreat that promotes successful and intentional business and life. They live in Athens, GA with their 3 adorable children.

Phillip & Eileen Blume

Jen specializes in photographing high school + college seniors based out of Phoenix Arizona. Jen is passionate about connecting with her clients and loves to visually tell their stories by creating vibrant, emotional, unique and FUN portraits. As well as being passionate about photography, Jen loves to encourage, she loves her husband and two kids, loves to travel and is an unashamed avid Diet Coke drinker.

Jen Driesbach

David lives in Santa Barbara, California, but is always ready to travel at a moment’s notice. He loves photography, bags, shoes, trains (over planes), and cappuccinos. His ability to capture portraits is truly an art form, even in the dark.

David Mendoza

Kelsey Crowley is the owner of Kelsey Regan Photography and is based in the beautiful New England city of Burlington, Vermont. She is a graduate from Hallmark Institute of Photography and has been photographing love stories since 2012. Kelsey first attended United in 2017 and is honored to be a speaker in 2018!

Kelsey Crowley

Catherine Guidry is a New Orleans based wedding photographer, podcaster and educator. She has photographed hundreds of weddings, been featured on Style Me Pretty, The Knot, Wedding Sparrow, and Southern Brides..and is now helping others embrace imperfection and pursue their passions through the podcast "Mistakes Make Magic." Her greatest achievements lie in creating memorable experiences for her clients and teaching other creative entrepreneurs and photographers how to successfully run their businesses!

Catherine Guidry

Jaime Davis is a Orange County based wedding photographer. Not only does she love shooting weddings but she loves to help other photographers grow their businesses into what they dreamed. Jaime is a new mama to a beautiful daughter, loves Disneyland and Taylor Swift and has two spastic wiener dogs, oh did she mention her husband looks like Ryan Gosling, no seriously ask to see a photo it is crazy!

Jaime Davis

Stacy is a Lifestyle Personal and Business Branding Photographer based in Orlando. She took a leap of faith and left a Fortune 500 career to learn photography. Stacy is now known for creating unapologetically fierce branded images and teaching creatives how to build on-line presence with Live Stream video.

Stacy Pierce

Bio coming soon!

Melissa Love

Vanessa Hicks is a wedding and portrait photographer currently documenting love in Hawaii! She is a military spouse and veteran, and has successfully moved her business three times in the past three years! She truly believes in empowering others, and the importance of documenting her clients legacy! When she’s doesn’t have a camera in her hand, you can find her with a Starbucks cup in her hand, watching Harry Potter or The Office on reruns, or just lounging on the beach with an umbrella drink in her hand!

Vanessa Hicks

Breanna McKendrick is a medical technologist turned wedding photographer who splits her time between Austin and Houston Texas. Her business took a fundamental turn in mission after her Dad unexpectedly passed away and now, more than ever, she wants to show her couples that the moments happening now in their lives are worth documenting with heart. When she is not at a wedding she can be found with her husband, Trevor, watching The Crown.

Breanna McKendrick

Tori is a fun-loving, matcha latte drinking, hugger who loves cultivating authentic relationships with other hugging humans. She is a child of entrepreneurs, so when she went into business for herself 8 years ago it was a natural fit for her. In this time she has captured over 150 weddings, traveled all over the country and is making her way around the world, capturing love and adventure with her couples. She loves weddings but engagement sessions are her absolute favorite. In addition to client care, over the past 2 years she has devoted herself to giving back to the photography community as an encourager, a photography mentor, and most recently by creating her workshop (The Mountain Collective) to help teach, encourage and equip other photographers.

Tori Maloney

Allison is a wedding & lifestyle photographer and certified yoga teacher in Cleveland, Ohio. After dealing with anxiety for years, she turned to yoga to find some relief. Not only did she find the relief she desperately needed, but she also found a desire to spread mindfulness and self-care to others through yoga. Allison is now on a mission to help other creatives incorporate yoga and breathing techniques into their daily lives. When she’s not taking photos or teaching yoga, Allison can be found spending time with her husband, reading Brene Brown's books and searching for the best sprinkle donut in Northeast Ohio.

Allison Ewing

Ryann Lindsey, of Ryann Lindsey Photography, native of Arizona, oncology nurse educator, storyteller, friend and lover of life. Ryann is a hybrid photographer with a passion for authenticity, creativity, and uniqueness. Ryann devotes her time to photographing love stories across the world, leading the local Tuesdays Together chapter, and striving to empower and educate fellow creatives in the industry.

Ryann Lindsey

Rebekah Albaugh is a photographer based out of Champaign Illinois. Rebekah is widely known for her wedding and boudoir work as well as hosting The Reset Conference, a annual photography/creatives conference with national reach much like United! As if that weren't enough work for her, Rebekah also owns Jukebox Photography, a business solely focused on high school and college seniors. When not juggling all things business and photos, Rebekah enjoys spending time binge watching Netflix with her husband of 15 years and kissing on her three children.

Suzy Devries is the senior photographer and sales operator behind Jukebox Photography, owned by Rebekah Albaugh. Suzy has been exclusively focused on seniors since 2013 and it shows! Suzy has a degree in design and left her job in the corporate world to do what she loves. Suzy doesn't have much down time with 4 children (5 years old and under) but she wouldn't have it any other way!!

Rebekah Albaugh & Suzy Devries

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