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Enhance your United experience and sharpen your technical skills.

November 4-7, 2018
Tempe, Arizona

Styled Shoots

Registration opens October 1

$50 each


In this styled shoot you learn the shots that are need to be filmed to attract the top wedding blogs. Miguel Garcia has been featured on top wedding blogs like Junebug Weddings, Green Wedding Shoes, Style Me Pretty, and Crate and Barrel. You will walk away from this shoot with the confidence in shooting your own styled shoot and not over shooting.

video for Photographers: Posing Made EAsy

Sunday, NOv 4 @ 3:00 PM 

Led by Miguel Garcia

Every love story is unique, and this one is definitely a fave! After meeting at Showit United, it is only fitting to design a desert shoot to celebrate the nuptials of Chris and Micaela! 
A United Love Story will involve a boho tale on a fine art, elegant design, complete with a bride and groom, details, tablescape, elopement alter and more. Ryann Lindsey will be offering hands on education to include posing, lighting, styling and shooting for vendors with an editorial approach.

A United Love Story

Sunday, NOv 4 @ 3:00 PM 

Led by Ryann Lindsey

Beautiful fashion in the gowns with one female model and one male/female couple in a "fairy tale" like setting with candle-light, draped florals and an upscale desert summer vibe. We will be experimenting with different types of lighting and modifiers as well as using available light and long-shutters to produce night-time artwork! 

Fashon and Fairytales

Sunday, NOv 4 @ 10:00 PM 

Led by Chad DiBlasio

Learn how and why we need to find vision for and with our couples. We will be diving into how to tie 3 phases of a couples’ interaction on the shoot: discovery, collaboration, and connection. Together with creativity in areas you would least expect to find beauty. Additional ideas you will learn communication/voices, ways to pull emotion out of two people in seconds, and creativity with no frills or glitter or unicorns or fancy space technology.

SHooting from the Chest (Not the hip)

Mon, NOv 6 @ 4:00 PM

Led by Montana Dennis

Yes, there will be beautiful models, vines, florals and a dress that flows off into the wind...but there will also be a box. An 8x8 Anne Leibovitz styled box topped with a diffusion panel - and inside that box will be a model. You'll each get 5 minutes and there will be a plethora of props to use. It will be completely blind to those outside it, and at the end of the day everyone will get to see what each other created. 

The Most Magical & Epic Styled Shoot

Mon, NOv 5 @ 4:00 PM 

Led by Josh Newton & Christianne Taylor

To attract clients of different complexions or cultures, it's important to have a portfolio that shows them that you understand how to pose & photograph them. In this styled shoot, you'll walk away with images of 2 couples celebrating their wedding day with 2 outfits: the white wedding attire & traditional cultural wedding attire. You will learn specifically what to say to get candid expressions from your couple, how to capture bridal portraits that respect the bride's culture & attire, and what to photograph when the bride has 2 or more bridal outfits. 

How to Pose & PHotograph Couples of Different Complexions or Cultures

Monday, NOv 5 @ 4:00 PM 

Led by Petronella Lugemwa

Moody and romantic sunset elopement, full of and emotion. This unique take on an elopement will help you decide if elopements are something you’d like to jump into in your business. We will discuss elopement FAQs while we shoot a beautiful bride and groom.

Dramatic Sunset Elopement

Monday, NOv 5 @ 4:00 PM 

Led by Tori Maloney

Our educational focus will be driven on how to photograph a real wedding day with ease when the timeline gods aren't in your favor. We will go over strategies to recognize great light quickly and how to utilize it to be efficient. We will cover how to shoot with a flow to save those precious minutes on a crunch wedding day. The shoot will have a Bride and Groom couple, a bridal detail vignette, a stationary styling vignette, and sweetheart tablescape. Models are not firm, but we will not shy away from ethnic diversity for this shoot.

Sonoran Sky Wedding Shoot

Monday, NOv 5 @ 4:00 PM 

Led by Breanna McKendrick

Have fun at night with Doza for a styled shoot creating beautiful portraits with light and learn to expand your shooting hours and creativity.

NIghttime Portraits

Monday, NOv 5 @ 10:00 PM

Led by David Mendoza III

Join Jen for a co-ed senior photography styled portrait experience showcasing arizona's beautiful desert scenery as well as having a little interactive fun with one of Arizona high school seniors' favorite past times - long boarding! There will be five + models to work with and photograph so come ready to shoot and have fun!

Co-Ed Senior STyled Shoot

Tues, NOv 6 @ 7:30 AM 

Led by Jen Driesbach

If you know anything about us, you know that we LOVE light and we LOVE love. During this shoot, its going to be a no frills leaning experience on getting raw emotion out of your clients with consistent posing ques. As one of my great mentors always told me, love can be shown by more than just a kiss! We will break it down into 3 categories: Getting Close, Light & Shadows, and Location & Composition. All of the styled things look really nice to shoot, but this hands on shoot will help you to create authentic emotion in all of your clients for as long as you are shooting! An added bonus is that it will also help you to generate more sales because it will mean more to the clients!

Creating Raw & Real Emotion

Tues, NOv 6 @ 7:30 AM 

Led by Devin Robinson

Capturing the intimacy of the art of dance while empowering the dancer through connection, educated direction, and knowledge of movement is the focus of this shoot. Dance photography can be so much more than standard action shots or ballerinas in tutus; as a choreographer and dance teacher, Laylee will be sharing how she poses, encourages, and empowers her dancers to create unique images and movement. You will have the opportunity to work with several difference dancers, and will leave with the confidence and terminology to direct your subject and to empower them while getting the perfect image!

Capturing Grace: directing dancers to capture the beauty of movement

Tues, NOv 6 @ 7:30 AM 

Led by Laylee Emadi Smith

Themed as a moodier contrasty shoot. Think dark drama meets bright and airy. There is absolutely nothing wrong with posing, directing, staging - whatever you want to call it. The catch is, you must ignite! I'll show you how.

Ignite - Changing from Rigid to Real

WEd, NOv 7 @ 7:30 AM 

Led by Ben Hartley

This wedding inspiration shoot will be super colourful and energetic! Designed around the bright and happy feelings that a fiesta brings! Included will be a cake, sweetheart table, florals, bride and groom and more details to make everyone’s heart happy! My teaching style will be more of a guided styled shoot. I’ll make sure that everyone has a chance to get the shots they’re after and be available to demo posing and answer questions if required!

Desert Fiesta

Wednesday, NOv 7 @ 7:30 AM 

Led by Raelene Schulmeister

This Editorial will not only offer beautiful images to add to your portfolio but also give you the tools to create a unique editorial on your own. We will be diving into what makes an editorial "publication worthy" by discussing how to properly conceptualize and produce a cohesive storyline. A step by step guide to creating the ultimate shot list, detail elements and graphic design features editors are looking for when accepting styled shoot submissions. This advice will help you perfectly curate images for submissions and help you stand out among the competition! 

The Perfect Pitch: Creating Editorials for Publication

Wed, NOv 7 @ 7:30 AM 

Led by Sarah Love

This styled shoot is perfect for the photographer that wants to improve the on shooting high-end wedding details. This shoot will feature the rich colors of Navy, Gold and Fuchsia with compliments of Ivory. This shoot will also give photographers a chance to work with an African-American couple to become comfortable shooting darker skin tones. This shoot is perfect for anyone that desires to expand their portfolio and become more comfortable attracting high-end or diverse brides and grooms.

Desert Glam

Wednesday, NOv 7 @ 7:30 AM 

Led by Terri Baskin

Have you ever wondered what separates a high-end portfolio from the average portfolio? Join Charity as she leads you through photographing and styling details and portraits aimed at appealing to the high-end client. 

Photographing for the High-end Bride

WEd, NOv 7 @ 1:00 PM 

Led by Charity Maurer

If awkward posing or unpolished direction is killing your confidence, sign up for Posed to Playful right now! Phillip & Eileen Blume's carefree techniques have been adopted by thousands of photographers over the last eight years, and they make posing a breeze! As an added bonus, they invoke real emotion that earns incredible client reviews and sales! Enjoy interacting with the Blumes during this popular hands-on class, and "don't be a poser!"

Posed to Playful

Wednesday, NOv 7 @ 1:00 PM 

Led by Phillip & Eileen Blume

Learn how to utilize natural light to shoot for your specific brand and aesthetic. Join us for a bohemian tattooed bride and groom paired with a wooden hairpin table, macrame backdrop, gemstone crown, windswept gown, and wild florals against a desert backdrop. Think dreamy neutral colors accented with a variety of textures. Oh, and a smoke bomb or two! You’ll learn how to shoot for your brand and get rad images of a real couple. Join us!

Utilizing Natural Light to Shoot for Your Brand | Minimalist Bohemian Bride + Groom

Wed, NOv 7 @ 1:00 PM 

Led by Suzy Goodrick

The shoot will be centered around multiple stations commonly found on a wedding day. Tina's skill is photographing beautifully styled detail photos. She will offer instructions and tips while allowing plenty of time for attendees to practice skills. Amber's specialty is photographing details using movement and in context with their surroundings. Working with models to demonstrate this, attendees will be given the opportunity to photograph both a bride and bridesmaid focusing on the details they are wearing and carrying.

Romance is the Details: a wedding details inspiration shoot

Wed, NOv 7 @ 1:00 PM 

Led by Amber Lea Russell & Tina Kraemer

2018 Partners

Registration opens April 27 @ 9:00 PST