Is it that season again? Where you wish you had more time and more money…but when isn’t it that season? Join us to level up your creativity and income on Thursday’s webinar with Stefani Lefler of December Oak! She will be sharing how she traded in coding for designing. And how focusing on one platform […]

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How to Make More Money Building Custom Websites

Natasha is a lovely and wise corporate & entrepreneurial-based Sales Coach, Consultant and Speaker, and the creator of Heart Not Hustle™️. Heart Not Hustle is a coaching firm founded with an aim to help corporations & entrepreneurs find, and focus on the deeper meaning behind their business motivation and sales message. And she wants to […]

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How to Sell with Heart not Hustle

Selling with Heart, Not Hustle

Tik Tok. Are you on it or are you staying far far away from this app? Well friends, you should be on it! And you don’t have to do a choreographed dance to be successful!  Our sweet friend, Sarah Kleist, is going to share some simple, yet powerful tips on how we can grow on […]

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How to Grow on Tik Tok

It is absolutely possible for you to run a profitable business. You only need the proper tools to do it! When starting a business you may not be sure of what your niche is, and that’s ok! So many creatives start the same way. You test the waters to see where your creativity flourishes the most, look […]

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How to increase profits in your creative business by specializing

There will come a point in your business where you want to freshen things up; your Instagram feed, email campaigns, and even your website. Depending on where you are in your business that may seem like a lot of money and time, but not to worry! We’re excited that we get to bring Showit Design […]

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How to use Canva to create branded content for your business

You have a brand.You like it.It’s fine.It’s nice.People have said it’s good.They meant it, right? Well, we have Tiereny Allen-Green on this week’s webinar and she is a brilliant brand and website designer. She is also the founder of Scope Theory which specializes in corporate identities, branding, and website design. Basically, she is obsessed with […]

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3 Simple Steps to Boost your Brand Authority both On and Offline

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