How to Start Your Website: Pick a Font! Any Font!


You are ready to build your website! But where should you start?

It's alright friend. Take a deep breath. You can do this! You are not the first person to build their website from scratch, and you are certainly not the last.

Here are two very simple things that you can do to get your website off on the right foot! Picking out your fonts and colors and getting those onto your Showit website.


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Here are some basic tips regarding font and typography: The design geniuses at Canva have a great article that further explains the use of the right fonts.

Serif: Serif fonts have little “feet” or lines attached the ends of their letters. They're generally thought to look more serious or traditional.

Sans-Serif: “Sans-serif” literally means “without serif” — these fonts don't have the extra lines on the ends of letters. For that reason, they're generally thought to look more modern and streamlined.

It's been said that serifs make long passages easier to navigate visually, helping move your eyes along the lines of text. However, because serifs are usually small and thin, they often don't display as well on pixel-based screens (looking distorted and “noisy” rather than clear and crisp), so many designers favor sans-serif fonts for web use, especially at small sizes.

This is GREAT information, because I cannot tell you how many times I have seen a website, and have had to strain my eyes to read what is written. You don't want to make your customers work while they are on your website! Get to the point, but make sure your point is legible!

Script: Scripts are what we might think of as cursive- or handwriting-style fonts. They generally have connecting letters. You'll find that script fonts come in many different styles, from elegant, to fun and casual, to hand-drawn.

Decorative / Display: When you hear a font categorized as decorative, display, or novelty, it all means the same thing — that font is meant to get your attention. They're often more unusual than practical and should only be used in small doses and for a specific effect or purpose.

So if you are going for a minimalist, modern design, make sure that your font reflects that to keep your brand tight and cohesive.

The design geniuses at Canva have a great article that further explains the power of the right fonts.

And of course, you can check out Pinterest to see what fonts speak to you, and especially looking at font pairings can help you develop your brand and website further. Check out our Pinterest board on Font Pairs!:

Now it's time to upload your fonts!

Once you have your fonts picked out, you can upload them into your website! It's quick and easy to do!

And if you go the route of buying a Design, you can use the fonts that the designer specially hand picked for that design. So that's done and done! But of course, you can customize every and any design in the store.


Pretty simple right???

Hope this blog post helped you to cross one thing off of your To-Do List, and now you can move on to even more fun and exciting elements of your photography website – like the photography part!

You can do it friend! And we are always here to help!


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