Encouragement for an Entrepreneur at Heart

April 26, 2021


jihae watson

With Designer Elizabeth McCravy

Free to Be Me – A Showit Creator Series

Elizabeth McCravy is a phenomenally successful website designer. From a young age, she loved to create on the computer. What a great bonus she created things that people were excited to share! Starting with MySpace layouts in middle school, and now, designing Showit templates as one of our top design partners. 

Her trajectory has not gone without major challenges, doubt or heartache. But what we learn from Elizabeth’s story is the power of sound encouragement. Elizabeth's dad was someone who spoke words of life and encouragement into her creative heart. He was a serial entrepreneur himself, and he just knew his daughter would follow in his footsteps one day.

A Successful Website Designer's Story

Elizabeth thought she wanted a corporate job. And so she got one, and was happy at first. But then she realized she is a homebody who loves working from home! So when she was able to make a good income as a freelancer, she knew she had become an entrepreneur, just as her father had predicted!

One day Elizabeth found Showit, and the rest is history. Or herstory in Elizabeth's case. All the skills she learned designing MySpace layouts resurfaced. She was very excited that she had found a true drag and drop website builder. It felt very intuitive and a lot like Photoshop to her. Even though being a successful website designer isn't something she planned on – it is what she has become! And she couldn't be happier about it.

Let's Connect!

Check out this post about Elizabeth on our blog. And be sure to check out her amazing podcast as well! This fantastic designer is passionate about helping you to be the best entrepreneur you can be! To learn more about Elizabeth, you can visit her website, and you can also view her designs in our Design Market.

And if you would like to learn more about becoming a successful website designer on the Showit platform, check out this great article!

Something that further inspires us is our fellow creatives! Recharge with the community through our Showit Spotlight series. See how fellow small business owners keep going and how they started, like photographer Vanessa Hicks and business strategist Jasmine Star. Or get inspired at the next Showit United Conference!

We hope that you feel motivated to forge an alternative route for yourself and your creative business!

We love the Free to be me series. It is so fun and encouraging to see how other creative entrepreneurs are growing their creative businesses. Whether as a successful website designer, community builder, or working mom, we hope you are enjoying these uplifting stories as well!

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