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Due to continued changes in Chrome and Safari, Showit Desktop is being discontinued in 2018. Learn how to transition to Showit 5.

Urgent notice

Legacy drag-and-drop website builder

Improve your current Showit Desktop while you transition
The Quick Tour to get going with Showit 5
Getting Started articles to answer your basic design questions
Login to the Showit 5 app and start building
Transition Questions & Answers

Our support team would be more than happy to answer any of your questions as you make this move and you can reach them directly from the help button in the app or send a quick note to us at help@showit.co.

Helpful Resources

If you are still a Desktop subscriber, please note that Showit Desktop will no longer publish changes or allow subscribe or resubscribe starting on August 1st, 2018 and all current Showit Desktop subscriptions must be moved to Showit 5 by October 1st, 2018. Current sites will continue to function as is through 2019, but all changes must be moved to the new Showit 5 platform.

We understand that nobody wants to get this kind of news, so we want to do all we can to help you make this transition. 

Support for Showit Desktop will end in 2018

Mobile & Desktop
Your site on Showit 5 looks great everywhere, on desktops and mobile phones because it will be completely in HTML 5 for transitions, animations, and galleries.

Showit Design Market
You have a ton of options to start from in the design market that has over 170 free and premium designs.

Drag & drop control (You can change EVERYTHING)
All designs are customizable and ready to build a unique site that is perfect for you.

We took the pain out of WordPress
Your blog becomes worry free when you move to Showit 5 as it includes an option to host a WordPress blog and the power to design a custom WordPress theme, all with the amazing drag and drop builder and you still do not need to know code.

New pricing options
You could SAVE MONEY as the new Showit 5 introduces three subscription pricing options and and by switching from Showit Desktop to Showit 5, it will reduce your subscription if you are not using an advanced WordPress blog.

The benefits of Showit 5

Understanding these challenges, in 2014 we set out to build a new platform from the ground up that would take the best attributes of Showit Desktop and improve them with a whole new approach to mobile design. 

Since we relaunched in 2016, we have seen massive adoption and thousands of sites are now built on Showit 5. The feedback from users who have switched love the power of a scrolling site with custom desktop and mobile designs.

The long-term Solution

The Showit Desktop software was created over 11 years ago when Adobe Flash was the best way to create amazingly interactive websites. The world changed, and as smart phones emerged, Flash did not fare well. Adobe recently announced that it will no longer distribute Flash in 2020 and encouraged everyone to move away from Flash as soon as possible.

The Problem with Flash

Our team of Support Pros will give you the help you need to get your website online and keep it there. 

Pro help from Arizona

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