Jed Smith


If you have never met anyone from Guam, Jed might be the best unofficial representative any island could ever ask for. Kind to the core, Jed almost always has a smile on his face even when hiding behind a computer. As a graphic designer, videographer, and animator, behind his computer screen is where he spends a good portion of his time. However, he pops out from time to time to work on a sketch of our new tattoos (temporary, though we know Showiteers' allegiance is permanent), formulate the latest Showit video plans, or grab some grub at his favorite gourmet restaurant, Taco Bell. And on occasion, he has been known to not be behind his computer for days (often referred to as weekends) when he fully focuses on helping his four kids build a treehouse, create music, experiment with science, or make a lovely breakfast for his wife, and fellow islander, Crystal.


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