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Weekly WEBINARS to help you discover your inner website ninja

Every wednesday at 3pm

Sometimes you need some back and forth convo. You know, you ask a question and it gets answered...immediately.

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This is Jeff...he hosts the webinar. You just saw him in the video. He's basically family.

HelpfUl Documents...

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Getting Started

Learn about the Showit interface and how to get started building your new site!


Building Your Blog

Learn how to setup and customize your Showit Wordpress Blog.


Launching Your Site

You've made the best looking site you've ever seen. Now what?



...who give really good advice

We all have those friends that we go to whenever we need some really good insight. These guys could be your brand new best friends.

Davey & Krista are a power couple who help companies build their brand and in their free time (cough) make some awesome Showit tutorials. They've got a full gamut of helpful videos and docs. 


Gillian Sarah

Meet Gillian. She's a UK based designer who's made a slew of helpful youtube videos for most Showit things you could think of. Go for the tutorials. Stay for the accent


Elizabeth McCravy

Elizabeth is a Nashville based graphic designer, marketing strategist, and all around business-helper (her words). She brings some southern hospitality with a side of helpful resources.


Davey & Krista

Our team of Support Pros is here for you when you run into a dead end. They're chock-full of good tips and amazing GIFs to elevate your soul.

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